Undaunted is designed to do one thing, and has to do it well: to be sturdy, safe, and sail downwind from one known point on earth to another at a specific time of year. Once.


  • Hull Material: 3/16" Aluminum above waterline, 1/4" Aluminum below waterline
  • Length: 42 inches (1 Meter)
  • Draft: 60 inches (1.5 Meters)
  • Weight: 1200 lbs (unladen)
    • 1800 lbs laden
  • Calculated Hull Speed: 2.5 Knots
  • Sail plan/configuration: Square sail with interchangable raffee
  • Estimated duration of trip: 3.5-4 months at sea

For the crossing, Undaunted will also be fully equipped with an AIS system, GPS, satellite phone, standard marine safety equipment, dual-redundant manual desalinating pumps for drinking water, a 105amp/hr battery, solar and mechanical crank charging systems, 40 gallons of emergency drinking water and food supplies to supplement a 1500 calorie/day diet plan for up to 130 days.  

It would be an engineering mistake to design it to do anything else when our objective is to be 3.5’ long and cross an ocean, and that’s it.